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What to Wear Under Your Convertible Wrap Dress

One of the biggest concerns with any dress, convertible or otherwise, is “What do I wear under this?” To be very honest the answer is, whatever you are the most comfortable with, obviously! It’s a common misconception that because you now have a convertible dress, you have to wear something different underneath, but this is simply not true. There are more than enough options to style your wrap dress and find a way that both suits you and hides your bra. Here are some tips on how to style and what to wear under your convertible wrap dress.

Why go with Love U?

Our convertible wrap dresses look great even if you have big curves! The materials used to make each dress are more of a comfy cotton-polyester spandex blend or bamboo spandex blend, as opposed to heavier and less flexible fabric such as velvet. You can adjust the length of it, and change the sleeves to whatever style you need to keep your undergarments hidden.

In short, convertible wrap dresses are the best dress to wear for all occasions, and for all underwear types too!

Types of bras

If you really want to invest in a new bra (maybe you’re looking for an upgrade to your older one, or you’ve been re-sized), there are a few options for that also.

  • Strapless bras come with removable straps nowadays, and they work great with both the strapless style of the convertible dress as well as one-shoulder, beach wrap, and any and all of the other unique styles you can do.
  • If you’re a plus or queen-size and find you can’t not wear a bra, then sleeved is a classic style to go with, and the halter style can be adjusted to include sleeves as well to hide the straps.
  • New to the bra worlds are the infinity bra and the butterfly bra. The butterfly allows for a criss-cross shape across the back, which accommodates the Love U dress straps and styles perfectly! And just like the dress, the infinity bra can be worn and re-adjusted however you want.
  • Want something to help you wear a strapless dress? These strapless backless bras may do the trick! They’re designed especially for women who really want something that supports them while wearing dresses with unique cuts and strapless/backless styles.

Quickie tips

  • Wear a bandeau tube top underneath your dress straps. This accessory comes with all convertible dresses at Love U Designs, and you can turn them into their own accessory by wearing them as a belt instead.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different styles. Check out our videos on the basics and then feel free to try out different styles yourself afterwards!

We hope this article helps you out! If you’re looking for a new dress that will help keep those undergarments hidden, there’s no harm done in shopping online at our website. Be sure to contact Emily if you have any other questions or tips about this subject!

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