Welcome to our proudly Canadian wrap dress store!

We’re happy you want to know more about us. Here’s a little bit of our story.

The name Love U Designs is based on the owner’s name, Emily Liebich.

When translated from German, “Liebich” actually pans out to be “Love I”.

Because Love U is all about loving your possibilities, we thought it would be great to honour our family while keeping our promise to help you love yourself in every stage of your life.

When it comes to finding the perfect dress, we know that the journey can be challenging.

However, we truly believe all women are beautiful, no matter what size or shape they are or what stage of life they’re going through.

Love U Designs was created because you deserve to wear a dress that makes you happy and looks great too.

Whether you’re getting married, having a baby, travelling the world, or going to work, we call it a successful day when you find the perfect wrap dress that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful while still being stylish and versatile.

Emily Liebich, Owner of Love U Designs in Coquitlam BC, Canada

Meet Emily Liebich

The Owner of Love U Designs

Emily’s passion for sewing is the backbone of Love U’s brand. It all began when she was 7 years old and spent many days bonding and sewing with her grandmother Helen.

Her first piece was a scarf that she was able to wear and it made her feel proud and excited about her accomplishment.

The passion for sewing only got bigger and even though she loved trying new things during high school, sewing was always her number one choice. She started taking Fiber Art classes and sketching clothing designs.

Eventually, Emily’s ability to sew scarves evolved into sewing blankets, her own blouses, skirts, pants, and even a very unique Harry Potter themed robe (Gryffindor, in case you’re a die-hard fan like her and need to know!).

While prom dress shopping, Emily noticed the dresses available all had something in common: not only did they not feel good when she tried them on, they didn’t look great either.

Like all the girls, she wanted to wear something that made her feel amazing. She wasn’t sure why the options of dresses that flattered her for this stage of her life were so hard to find and wondered if this would be even worse for brides.

The experience confirmed something to her: that she wanted to build a career of creating dresses and gowns, and she wanted to help other women feel beautiful too.

After graduating from high school Emily went to college to study fashion business and design. The program perfectly positioned Emily to become the owner of Love U Designs.

"I went to fashion school because I wanted to go into the bridal industry and create wedding gowns fit for curvier women because there wasn’t enough available and everything that I did see didn’t look very good. Throughout the entire program, I dedicated myself to learning what it takes to own my own business."

Emily spent the next 5 years working in retail after college, which gave her a thorough insight into retail sales and landed her into her greatest opportunity since graduation: attending a wedding show and meeting a designer before subsequently becoming her assistant. Through this career path, Emily was able to launch Love U Designs.

Back then, there were very little to no options for finding the perfect dress. Now, you can! 

Join Emily in this journey. You deserve to feel beautiful and look beautiful in all stages of life, no matter what size or style.

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