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Emily Liebich, Owner of LoveU Designs

Love your dress, love your body, love the possibilities!

LoveU Designs was created with the goal of helping women everywhere find the perfect dress, whatever your size or style! We believe that all women in all shapes and sizes are beautiful and that you deserve to find a dress that makes you happy! We're proud to outfit women from petite to queen size and are pleased to feature plus-sized models in our dresses.

Canadian owned, operated, and sourced!

At LoveU Designs, we are proud to be Canadian! It makes sense then that we're equally as proud to offer you dresses that are sewn locally, from locally sourced and crafted materials, and sold out of Coquitlam, BC. Our seamstress is in Surrey and, as such, we have frequent contact, and quality control is therefore high. What we cannot source from local materials, we try to at least buy from other Canadian companies.

About Emily

The Owner of LoveU Designs, Emily Liebich, went to the John Casablancas Institute for fashion business and design. The Institute's Fashion Business and Creative Arts Diploma Program training perfectly positioned Emily to be the Owner of LoveU Designs. Emily explains getting her start in the program:

"I went to fashion school because I wanted to go into the bridal industry and create wedding gowns fit for curvier women because there wasn’t enough available and everything that I did see didn’t look very good. Throughout the entire program, I dedicated myself to learning what it takes to own my own business. My goal was always to open my own bridal store and make my own wedding collections. I would never have guessed that the opportunity would come only 4 years after graduating from John Casablancas!"

Emily worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company for 5 years, giving her a thorough insight into retail sales, which boosted her confidence to be the seller she is today. But it was also through her work at the Bay that she found her greatest opportunity since graduation, meeting a designer at a wedding show and subsequently becoming the designer's assistant. Through this career path, Emily was able to launch LoveU Designs:

"I was working with her for 3 years when the opportunity came about to buy the company. Of course, I took it! I love seeing the looks on people’s faces when they see themselves wearing the dress and I love making people happy because this product truly is meant for everybody to feel good and comfortable wearing. I wouldn’t change my decision one bit!"

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Emily Liebich
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