Is My Wrap Dress Ready For The Motorcycle?

Do you have an adventurous side? Maybe you prefer the feel of the wind in your hair while traveling, or you just love the idea of combining your feminine side with the masculine one. Either way, let’s talk about motorcycles for a minute!

Not every woman enjoys riding these but riding on the right one and with the right driver (hubbies, boyfriends, girlfriends, it doesn’t matter!) can be really fun!

Maybe the ride is your first date, or you both love burning rubber—all the same, you probably want to dress up for it. But you want to dress up right (as in, not uncomfortable). If you want to wear your brand-new convertible wrap dress on a motorcycle, here are some riding tips for just that purpose.

Safety First!

Always, always, always put your safety first before your fashion and style on motorcycles!

  • Wear your helmet. We repeat. Wear. Your. Helmet. This may not look the most fashionable with your wrap dress, but it is a literal lifesaver when you’re on the road. Even if you’re going just a block down the road, wear your helmet.
  • Wear a jacket over top. The wind on a motorcycle increases in velocity at all times it’s on the road, so you will get cold fast! Plus, skin exposure to high winds while traveling really hurts!
  • Wear appropriate shoes. Sandals and open-faced toe shoes are best left at home for motorcycle trips. Closed-toe shoes and boots are best for ease of access to the pedals.

Styling Tips for Wrap Dresses and Motorcycle Rides

Naturally you won’t really want to wear a full-on, floor-length dress while on a motorcycle. That can invite all kinds of accidents on the road that are best avoided. Try opting instead for a knee-length or mini-length wrap dress. You can check out the travel ready wrap dresses at our shop (length, knee, or mini) to find the one that works best for you.

If you absolutely have to go somewhere that requires you to wear something more floor-length—maybe you’re on your way to prom night, or you’re showing up to your wedding in a really unique and creative way! —then here are some ways to style your longer length dress so it doesn’t get ruined on your ride.

  • Shirt with pants.
  • Shorter skirt for floor-length dresses.
  • Longer sleeves protect your skin. They can also add less bulk to your layers of clothing you may need to wear while on the motorcycle.


Some accessories for riding motorcycles can actually add to your sense of style as opposed to clashing with it! These suggestions should keep you safe as well.

  • Gloves. Some come as fingerless or fully covered to keep your hands from getting chapped or wind damaged. Leather (or pleather) are popular choices for materials for those reasons. If colour is a concern, black and brown gloves go with any coloured ride or dress.
  • Goggles. These are great to protect your eyes from, again, the wind. If you wear glasses, it’s best to keep them on a chain or other fixture so that they don’t fly off your face mid-travel (that would be disastrous!). Look for googles that fit over your regular glasses. If it’s bright and sunny out, there are sunglasses options too. Sunglasses can also be an acceptable replacement if goggles are unavailable (again, this depends on other factors).
  • Helmet. Yes, even motorcycle helmets can add to your sense of style, and they are a great opportunity to be creative.  We can’t leave this off of the list because it’s your ultimate safety precaution as well. Seriously ladies, helmets save lives.
  • Leggings. Rather than going bare legged in your wrap dress on your trip, be smart and do with leggings that will both flatter your dress and keep you safe and comfortable while traveling.

For things like jewelry, it’s best to leave those accessories off until the ride is over. Keep them in your purse in a baggie or a proper case.

Hair tips

We know you love the idea of getting your hair done, but you need to keep the travel aspect in mind too. After all, nothing’s worse than a bad hair day after the wind’s whipped it left, right, and centre!

  • Short haircuts require less maintenance when riding on a motorcycle (or traveling anywhere, for that matter). It will also make it easy for you to wear that helmet!
  • If you can’t go without long hair, tie it back before your trip in a low ponytail. A high ponytail may interfere with your helmet’s protection against your neck (plus it can feel very uncomfortable!).
  • Leave all hair accessories in your bag until your motorcycle trip is over, or leave them at home.

Now that you know more about how to safely ride a motorcycle while looking and feeling good, why not pick out a dress that will do the trick? Our convertible wrap dresses are all custom-designed to make you feel comfortable and look good—even when you’re traveling!

We hope these convertible dress styling tips help you on your next ride! Have fun and stay safe!

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