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Fall Wrap Dress Colours We Absolutely Adore

It may be late autumn, but we’re still seeing some awesome colours in the scenery. One such area is in the dresses we choose to wear (because yes, any season is the best season to wear a dress!).

There’s a lot going on in terms of dress colours, so we figured, why not gush over our favourites with you? Here are some of the fall dress colours we can’t get enough of seeing, both on and off of convertible dresses.

What’s trending?

The colours for this year’s fall/winter according to pantone are Mykonos blue, illuminating (yellow), leprechaun (green), fuchsia fedora, pale rosette (pink), adobe (burnt orange), Fire Whirl (red), rhodonite (navy), spring lake (denim blue), and root beer (brown).

These colors for Love U Designs are:

  • Sapphire -> Mykonos blue
  • Canary Yellow -> Illuminating
  • Emerald Green -> Leprechaun
  • Fuchsia/watermelon -> Fuchsia Fedora
  • Petal Pink -> Pale Rosette
  • Brown -> Root Beer
  • Rosewood -> Fire Whirl
  • Cobalt -> Rhodonite
  • Ice Blue/Denim Blue -> Spring Lake

Colour options from our online shop

If you loved the idea of trending colours this autumn but can’t find any in your size, maybe our online wrap dress shop can help you find something along those lines!

Fall means going out for the indoor parties in the evening, if you have a party invite and cant figure out what to wear, you may love our velvet green dress. It is available in both mini and knee length.

Gold is a metal most associated with autumn, year in and year out. Why not use some golden accessories with this floor-length regular size dress option?

Love the colour pink, but hate that your skin clashes with certain shades? For darker pink lovers, there’s always magenta. Remember, the darker the tone, the more aligned it is with the autumn season. Check out the magenta-ombre wrap dress in our online shop.

Prints can be quite seasonal too! A few of our favorites for this time of the year include Romantico, Tigress, Cotton animal, check out our latest collection of print wrap dresses, some of them are on clearance sale too!

Year-round Colours

Not happy with the above options? Don’t worry, there are lots of colours that look great year-round, not just in autumn!

  • Royal purple is a beautiful, rich tone that you can use for yourself, at a wedding, or for a special occasion.
  • Black is going here because every woman needs that little black dress to make themselves look and feel great in. Pair off with Halloweeny accessories for the holidays or wear to a formal dress party or wedding.
  • White dresses can always be paired off with festive autumn colours! Gold jewelry, bright orange and red scarves, brown coats and boots—all of these are wonderful possibilities for a neutral, white wrap dress.

You can choose between any of these three colour options for dresses at our online shop.

Remember: Style Beats Fashion, Every Time

Just because these lists of colours are popular and in fashion now doesn’t mean they will be next year. What will be in style, however, is your style—not the trends from the magazine racks or retail stores that come and go on a whim. If you rock a style and a certain fall colour that’s not popular next year, then don’t bother listening to what anyone else says—it’s uniquely you, and no one can tell you otherwise.

Still not satisfied with these colour options? Feel free to browse through our online shop for wrap dresses that you may prefer! Who knows, maybe you’ll create your own fall colour trend that we’ll be happy to gush about next year! Have fun exploring the many fall dress colours!

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