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Mother’s Day Convertible Dress Styling Tips

Mother’s Day means it’s mom’s turn to shine! Naturally you may be spending the day with family or your closest loved ones while celebrating you as a mom, and also honouring moms of all kinds. Mom, you deserve to look beautiful and feel great on this kind of a holiday too! Whether you’ve got a new baby on the way, you’re one of the ‘cool aunts’ in your family, or you’ve raised tons of generations as a grandmother, you need a dress that can do it all. Here are some convertible dress styling tips just in time for Mother’s Day.

Style choices depending on activities

Everyone celebrates this day a little differently. Some Mother’s Days are spent casually with dinner at home (hopefully without mom doing all the cooking!) or in the backyard. Other times Mom may want to dress up to the nines and do something she hasn’t been able to do before, like attend a high tea or a dinner party with other moms. Depending on how you’re spending the day, several different styles can be applied with ease!
  • Mini-length wrap dresses can be paired with jeans—for moms who want to feel special, but also comfortable and casual. Mini-lengths also work with any style of pants that are fancier for certain outings, such as brunch in the city.
  • Knee-length are the most convertible of the lengths and styles. You can wear these infinity dresses as is if you’re going to a brunch or outdoor BBQ for example, or turn the dress into a skirt and wear your favourite top with it instead.
  • Floor-length dresses are the most formal choice, but they can make mom look like a superstar. Pair this length of dress off with a sparkling brooch or pendant of your choice to draw less attention to your problem areas and more on your smiling face!
In addition to lengths, there’s the top part of the dress that is worth considering.
  • One-shoulder—not only does this style look great on all women, it’s especially a handy style for moms with a baby in their arms! If you’re breastfeeding, you can adjust and re-adjust the top part of your convertible dress with ease (your baby will be happier as a result!).
  • Sleeved—for the mom who wants a top style that goes with everything. Pair off with a light scarf or shawl if you’d like (maybe one you got for Mother’s Day the year before?).
  • Halter—not only can you adjust this style so that it has sleeves, but also you can wear a bandeau tube top if you’d like.

New mom? No problem!

Whether you’re expecting to have a brand new little one or you’ve got one tugging at your arms, a convertible dress is multi-functional for all occasions—even the daily ones! Wrap dresses can be worn on any body type, regardless of moms current stage in her life. You may be expecting a new little one, or you may be worried your weight will fluctuate—that’s not a problem with these dresses at all.

Colour suggestions

Pink is a colour most associated with Mother’s Day, and as you can see in our shop we offer several different shades. However, not all moms love pink!
  • If Mom’s never tired of getting flowers for Mother’s Day, try this Flora dress so you can have flowers all year round!
  • Some of our most popular prints are a little on the abstract side! Try out the Romantico or the Summer Lace prints; feel free to wear the style post Mother’s Day too.
  • Solid colours are always a win-win if Mom’s not a fan of prints. Current colour options at our shop include Teal, Royal Purple, Blush, Grey, and the always classic Black.

Accessorizing tips

What mom doesn’t love accessories? Try out some of these suggestions for Mother’s Day.
  • Brooches. These go great with a convertible dress as a belt or strap buckle, or pin it to a scarf to wear on the outside of your dress instead.
  • Hats. For moms who want to relax and take it easy in the backyard if the sun is shining.
  • Earrings, necklaces, and rings. The most classic choices.
  • Bandeau tube top. Not only can you use this for the halter style of wrap dress, but also you can wear it as a belt with your dress of choice.
Alternatively, if you’re going convertible with your dress for Mother’s Day, we suggest you turn your dress into a whole new look in the following ways:
  • Skirts. Adjust your convertible dress so it’s a skirt and then pair it off with your favourite shirt or blouse.
  • Jeans or pants. Shift your convertible dress into a shirt, then pair with your comfiest pants or jeans that will help you keep up with the kids!
Be sure to check out our videos for the basics of how to tie your wrap dress. Have fun trying the different styles in the meantime!

Love U wrap dresses are great for moms of all ages!

Whether you’re a grandmother, a single aunt who’s just as awesome as mom, a single mother who loves dogs as much as your kids…you deserve to be celebrated for all your awesomeness. Why not try one of our convertible dresses out this year? These can be worn every day even after Mother’s Day! Shop online from our selection and if you have any questions, give Emily a call. Happy Mother’s Day! Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Love U Designs and a clickable link back to this page.

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