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How to Transition Dresses from Winter to Spring

Are you ready for March 20? This year the first day of spring lands on that date, so naturally it’s time to shed your winter coat and get yourself dressed and ready for warmer weather. Some ladies really look forward to this time of year! Spring has always been a season of rejuvenation and embracing the sun as winter melts away.

Not sure how to style for the season though? Let us help! Here are some tips on how to transition your dresses from winter style into spring.

Apply single layers

Fall style is all about layering. Now that it’s spring though, it’s okay to remove those extra layers of clothes and stick to one or two pieces instead, such as a single dress or a single top with bottoms. Pair your spring dress off with a light coat instead of a heavy one, and wear flats when it’s sunny out instead of heavy boots. You can wear pantyhose or regular socks with shoes too instead of leggings and woolen socks and hosiery.

Thin down those straps

It’s okay to start wearing straps that are skinnier now! If your spring day is still rainy or a bit chilly, pair off your dress with a light overcoat or shawl. Wearing pants overtop of your dress and turning it into a shirt can be doable, but is easier done if the dress is mini-length or knee-length. This will help you make sure your dress doesn’t get splashed on by rain puddles!

Put your tube tops to the test

The halter style with a tube top at the front is a classic style that accompanies the Love U convertible dresses. Simply put your tube top on to cover your chest before you put on the dress. You can shorten the sleeves when you’re done, too.

Alternatively, if you want to draw attention away from parts of your body you’d rather not show off, the tube top (which comes with each Love U dress) can be worn as a belt around the waist instead. This is a great substitute if you don’t own a belt for your dress either and a certain style of belt becomes popular this spring!

Embrace over-the-knee boots

These styles of shoes look great with mini or knee-length, flirty and lively spring dresses! They can keep your feet and legs dry in the rain and make you look fashionable too. Pair these style boots off with single layer hosiery and pantyhose or socks for comfortability’s sake.

Hitch up those hems!

With warmer weather comes the need for shorter hems! Knee length is the best length for this reason. You can shorten the knee-length to a mini if you’d rather wear a shirt with pants in spring, or keep it at that length if you’re going for a more semi-casual look.

Add a trenchcoat or hefty sweater over a light skirt

It gets pretty rainy in BC’s Lower Mainland plus our climate is quite mild, so it’s likely you may need heavier wintry clothes in addition to your light spring ones when going out. Trench coats are still a popular type of coat for those days when the rain just won’t stop but you want to embrace spring as much as possible! Alternatively, a chunky or hefty sweater atop a light, breezy skirt or spring dress can help you keep warm if it’s a chillier spring day, but not so rainy that you have to be fully covered.

Love U dresses help!

Our convertible dresses can be worn in all seasons and styled in so many ways! Try the halter with tube top and sleeves for spring days when it’s still a little chilly out, or ditch the straps with our strapless style instructions and pair your wrap dress off with a light shawl. Be sure to watch our video instructions for even more great tips!

You’re now fully transitioned from winter to spring! Need a little more guidance? Need a spring dress you can wear anytime, for any need of yours? Check out our online shop and be sure to send Emily all your questions! Enjoy your spring day!

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