Love U Designs - Prom Dress Tips for the Average Teenage Girl

Prom Dress Tips for the Average Teenage Girl

It’s almost arrived…prom night is one of the biggest nights in a teenage girl’s life. Whether she’s dating or not, whether she needs to celebrate at home or she’s able to go outside, she deserves to dress up and enjoy herself on this night. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a petite or a plus-sized teenager…you deserve to wear a prom dress that both fits and makes you look amazing. If you’re stumped on finding that perfect dress for prom and you’re dreading the shopping spree, we’re here to help you. Here are our prom dress tips for the average teenage girl.

How to determine the style you want

One reason prom dress shopping is so overwhelming is because there are so many choices regardless of your size! However, you can streamline the process and bypass having to look at dresses that don’t work for you by answering to yourself the following questions:
  1. What colours compliment your skin and eye colour the best?
  2. What kind of budget are you looking at?
  3. Do you want your dress to be short or long?
  4. Do you want to shop online?
After you’ve decided on the answers, the rest of the shopping process should be way less of a headache! (Pro tip: Love U has an online ordering system! We ship dresses to anywhere in Canada.)

Length tips

Yes, just like bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses have their own advice on the lengths.
  • Floor-length dresses are a great choice for several sizes and styles.
  • For girls who want to draw attention to their legs the most or are super confident about them, knee-length dresses are the way to go.
  • Mini-lengths should only be considered if you are a petite or you plan to wear pants or a skirt to prom.

Popular style choices per size

These will all vary depending on the cut of the dress plus your body type. We’ll go over each of the most popular styles so you can determine which of these looks would best suit you.
  • The Mermaid. This style of dress tends to fit close to the body through the torso and hips, and then ‘fishtails’ out into a flare to the floor. Body sizes that this dress style flatters the most are for those with ‘hourglass’ figures (i.e. natural curves).
  • The Ballroom Gown. Because every teenage girl may want to feel like a princess this evening, wherever she is. Teenagers who are top-heavy can wear this type of dress to draw attention away from their bust and instead to the full-blown skirt part of the dress. Balance is added, as opposed to taken away in this look.
  • The Illusion. This type of dress is especially popular this year. Sleek, yet sophisticated and elegant, this style of prom dress is best for ‘pear-shaped’ women (i.e. your hips protrude compared to the waist and bust).
  • Strapless/off-the-shoulder. If your neck and shoulders are the parts that you want to draw the most attention to, this style guarantees that to happen.

Add sparkles!

Some prom dresses don’t come with their own sparkling sequins…the ones made in most retail shops don’t really fit plus or queen-sized teens either. Show them who’s boss by adding your own sparkles! Tons of jewelry and corsage accessories are available online during this hectic time of the year. You can add a brooch with your convertible wrap dress, or ask your hairdresser to add some glittery pins to your hair style.

Convertible dresses may be the best choice

You may think you won’t find the right-sized dress for prom, or that you have to settle for a dress that fits you but looks awful…but did you know you have the option to have both now? Convertible wrap dresses are awesome picks for any girl, whatever her size may be. She could be plus-size, queen-size, petite, tall…every girl should have a dress they’re happy with on prom night. The idea behind our company was to give people like Emily the chance to wear something beautiful on prom night, while also feeling comfortable enough to dance and enjoy the night. Plus-size and queen-size dresses are available along with regular sized dresses. If this sounds like what you want from your night, then a convertible wrap dress is the best choice you can make. Shop around our selection online, and let Emily know if you have any questions! Prom means a lot to us at Love U Designs. We’d love to help you make your night perfect! Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Love U Designs and a clickable link back to this page.

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