Love U Designs - Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples & Singles (Plus What to Wear!)

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples & Singles (Plus What to Wear!)

It’s February, the month of love! If you’re stumped on what to do if you want to celebrate or go out with your sweetheart, or you’re single, or you’re bored with the usual flowers and chocolates, this article may be for you. Here are some cool Valentine’s Day ideas that both couples and singles can try out (with a few bonus styling tips on what to wear, too!).

Dress up (even if you’re by yourself)

Who says you need a reason to dress up? Convertible dresses can help make anyone feel comfortable. You can pretend to have your own fashion show with your besties if you want! Dressing up, even if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, can give your sense of self-esteem a big boost. Plus you may end up discovering a new dress style you never considered before.

Bake cookies

Or cupcakes, or macarons…you get the picture. Baking can be its own stress reliever if you love doing it, plus you can give the leftovers to your colleagues at work if you don’t want to eat them all yourself. The reason cookies are a great idea is you can freeze them and enjoy them after the holiday has passed, but you can also do likewise for any other baked good you make for the occasion. Maybe there’s a dessert you’ve always wanted to try making but never have before? Either way, this is a classic Valentine’s activity that you can enjoy when you’re single or with your sweetheart.

Dinner and a stroll

Some date ideas are classics through and through, which is why we’re sticking this traditional date in our list. There’s something about a candlelit dinner with a decadent dessert and a stroll together afterwards that sings to the romantic in us all. And hey, if you’re single, you can skip the stress of trying to find a restaurant that’s fully booked, or try a new place you’ve always wanted to go but couldn’t (maybe it was too busy, or you want to get away from the sight of couples for a while). There are all sorts of possibilities in terms of cuisine, too; maybe your first date took place at a sushi restaurant and you want to revisit those sweet moments?

Snow? Snowball fight!

If there’s snow on Valentine’s Day this year, make it a snow day! The holiday will sometimes land on a Friday depending on what year it is (it will be in 2020 for sure!). That means you may have time before or after work (depending on what you do) to go out and have some fun. Have a snowball fight with your spouse or date, build a snow fort, make snow angels, or go for a stroll with a hot drink as the snow falls or as you watch the snow fall while indoors. Going ice skating can also be a fun wintry activity this time of the year.

At home? No problem!

Like we said, almost all of the fancy restaurants are booked way in advance for Valentine’s Day, meaning it could be tough to find a decent seat and have an intimate time with your Valentine…considering everyone else will be too, things are bound to get noisy in the restaurant! Order some takeout from your favourite restaurant, or cook a meal together you’ll both enjoy. Maybe share a dish that means something special to you?

Celebrate the day after

Did you know that the 15th of February is Singles Awareness Day? Yes, that is a real holiday! Take this day to hang out with your besties or treat yourself and celebrate your being single. Some couples prefer to celebrate the day after anyway, since all of the places they could go are super busy on the 14th!

…But what do I wear?!

Convertible wrap dresses are perfect whether you’re single or not! You can style them however you see fit in terms of sleeves, backs, and knots. You can adjust their length depending on how you want to spend your Valentine’s Day. Best of all, they don’t wrinkle and washing up is easy! If you’re concerned about colour ideas for your Valentine’s Day dress, here are some really cool ones:
  • Dress up in white and pair it with red, pink, or purple accessories. We have queen-size, plus-size, and regular sized white convertible dresses for such an occasion! Each comes in mini, knee, and floor lengths.
  • Alternatively try our poppy red wrap dress and pair it with white accessories! It’s available in a regular size knee-length only.
  • Black is perfect for that little black dress you want to wear in the evening. Again, regular, plus, and queen sizes are available.
  • The Romantico print can make you feel like you’re adding a little romance to your day! This is available in a knee-length regular sized dress only.
  • Our Carnation print wrap dress is both convertible and festive for this day! A must if you’re a fan of mixing red and white together into a unique print. This dress is only available in a knee-length regular size.
  • Want to think pink for the occasion? Our dresses come in several different shades such as blush pink, petal pink, fuchsia, and plain ol’ pink! Fuchsia is gorgeous if you want your vibrant side to stand out (available in a knee-length regular size only). Our petal pink dresses come in all sizes (queen, plus, and regular) and all lengths (mini, knee, and floor)!
  • Shimmer purple is great for when you’re heading out to an extra fancy restaurant with your valentine. We have both a knee-length and a floor-length shimmer purple dress each, available in regular size.
  • Lava is another creative print idea for Valentine’s Day! If you love red and want to make your Valentine’s dress a little more unique than usual, then this is a great idea! Our Lava print is available in regular sizes with mini, knee, and floor lengths each.
Be sure to check out our video instructions to nail your look for the backs, lengths, and sleeves of your wrap dress. You can also check out our previous blog post about dressing up for this very occasion! Whatever you decide to do (or not do) for the occasion, have a happy Valentine’s Day this year! If you’re looking for a great dress for the occasion or date night, check out our online shop. There are some really cute and gorgeous options! Be sure to send Emily a message if you have any questions! Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Love U Designs and a clickable link back to this page.

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