Love U Designs - Benefits of Wearing Convertible Wrap Dresses in Spring

Benefits of Wearing Convertible Wrap Dresses in Spring

Welcome, spring! This is the time when we take off our winter coats, step out into the sunlight, and breathe in some fresh air. It’s a perfect time to celebrate Mother’s Day. You can do it all in a convertible wrap dress.

Are you wondering why a convertible wrap dress?  Wonder no more!  Here are some real benefits of wearing convertible wrap dresses this spring.

Daily use, not just formal

Love U dresses can be worn even after the wedding day is over! That’s the beauty of our dresses; you can make them look as formal or informal as you’d like. You can keep it as a dress or turn it into a shirt or a skirt. However you choose to style it, you’ll be getting daily use out of your Love U dress. The print or colour will never let you look out of date—you’ll always look like you’ve got a great sense of style!

Cooler fabrics

The materials that Emily uses to make her infinity wrap dresses include bamboo-polyester spandex, polyester spandex, and cotton spandex. This enables the dresses to be wrinkle free AND cool enough to wear on even the hottest days! Your skin will breathe easily whether it’s a gorgeous spring day requiring a hat, or if it’s raining and you need to bundle up more.

The materials we use for our fabrics include polyester spandex and bamboo spandex made by Canada-based manufacturers. Not only are the fabrics cool, but they’re also locally sourced. So you’re supporting local businesses when you shop with Love U Designs!

Transitional between all seasons

We have styling tips for our dresses from winter to spring, and from summer to fall. That’s because you can wear our dresses in all seasons, for any occasion! You can choose to wear it for ChristmasNew Year’sValentine’s Day—even Halloween! We have styling tips for each of those special occasions. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog just in case you aren’t already!

Adjustable lengths

This may only apply to certain lengths of dresses, but if your Love U dress is knee-length, you’re already in the clear! Our infinity wrap dresses are fully adjustable, with knee-length being the most versatile. You can keep a knee-length long enough to be a dress, but also short enough to become a shirt or a skirt instead.

In contrast, the floor-length looks best as a purely formal dress (for evening wear or as a bridesmaid for example), while the mini-length looks best as purely casual and informal. With knee-length you get the best of both worlds! You can adjust and re-adjust according to your needs as they change, as opposed to being forced to pick another dress.

Never goes out of style

Style beats fashion, every time. Fashion trends come and go, and while it helps to look at these trends if you’re absolutely interested, they don’t last forever. If you have and rock a certain sense of style with the clothes you wear, definitely stick to it and make it yours—sometimes it helps not to care about what other people think (especially if you’re feeling low about that, or your body etc. If you need help regaining your sense of confidence in style, look further at our 3 motivators to get you back on track).

Our Love U dresses come in colours that are fashionable year-round. The prints are beautiful too if you have yet to consider them! Feel free to explore our selection and pick out a pattern or colour that will make you look timeless. That’s the most important thing after all!

Want to try a convertible wrap dress this spring? We have the latest 2022 convertible wrap dresses in beautiful floral prints and solid colours in our online shop.

You have questions?  We have answers! Feel free to ask us any question about our convertible wrap dresses.

Have a tremendous spring day!

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