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Love U Designs - Convertible Dress Styling Tips & Accessory Ideas for a Rainy Day
Fall tends to be a rainy season here in BC’s Lower Mainland. Whether you walk to work or are heading down to the coffee shop with a friend, it helps to find a style that will help you feel good about your day as well as flatter you too, regardless of the weather. Read on for some special styling tips and accessory ideas for those rainy days when you wear a convertible dress!

Why Knee-Length is the Best Length

Knee-length convertible dresses on a rainy day provide you with the most versatility! You can wear it down to the knees with leggings and boots if you want to capture a late autumn style (see more tips in our previous blog post!). You can also shorten it down to a mini-length if you’d rather wear pants and a coat while outside. Mini-length works best as a shirt on rainy days, but that’s it. It’s versatile in terms of sleeves and backs, but not so much for the length. Floor-length, while also doable, can get pretty wet pretty fast if you’re not careful (especially the bottom hem of the skirt!). It’s a great length if you want to keep your legs covered and warm, but not so much when you have to walk around outside. So, if you’re going somewhere you know you need to dress up for while it’s raining, knee-length is definitely the best length for these reasons. You can wear one of our knee-length dresses with a skirt, dress pants, or jeans if you wish.

Sleeves Styles

Sleeves as opposed to no sleeves will most definitely keep you comfortable while the fall temperatures outside fluctuate. The cool thing about our convertible wrap dresses is that you can redo the straps however you want if you’ve changed your mind about how your sleeves look before heading out!
  • One-shoulder is a fun idea if you want to look nice after you take off your raincoat.
  • A criss-cross back is the most classic style for our convertible wrap dresses. It’s also very easy to turn the straps into sleeves!
  • The reversed sweetheart look can be adjusted from a strapless look to a strapped one in seconds.
  • Halter styles on our wrap dresses can both hide your bra straps as well as help you wear a raincoat with ease and comfort.
For more tips we offer several styling videos on our website. Ask us if you still have any questions!


Some rainy days can turn into a downpour! Prevent being drenched by wearing a raincoat.
  • Try to match the length of your raincoat with that of your wrap dress.
  • Some coats are made to be purely decorative, while others are more waterproof. Always double-check the tag before you buy.
  • In terms of colours, neutral ones such as beige, black, and grey all work (they’ll provide a good contrast with your more colourful dress for sure!). If your coat is black though, be sure it comes with reflectors (night is dangerous for darker clothes! Stay safe, ladies).


An umbrella is a great choice if there’s no hood on your raincoat. If you can find an umbrella with a similar colour or shade to your wrap dress, score! Umbrellas can be their own means of setting a sense of style to your overall look. You could pair warm colours of your clothing with a colour on the opposite side of the spectrum, or pair a black or clear umbrella with a bright and vibrant coloured outfit. You can mix and match the different shades if you’ve got a colour-coordinated theme going on with your look, too!


Gumboots with jeans, knee-high boots with leggings, and ankle-length boots with pants are all quite popular choices to think about when considering your rainy day attire. Depending on how hard the rain is falling outside, go for more waterproof options when it’s especially soggy and less heavy, light footwear when it’s a drizzle or sprinkle, or overcast without rain. Now you’re ready for those rainy outings! Need help choosing a dress? Our online shop features some beautiful solid colours and prints for everyday wear, not just formal! The weather may be dismal some days, but that doesn’t mean your clothes have to be! Enjoy your day and celebrate your sense of style, rain or shine! Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Love U Designs and a clickable link back to this page.
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