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Christmas Wrap Dress Ideas You Can Try Right Now | Love U Designs

Christmas Wrap Dress Ideas You Can Try Right Now

It’s almost Christmas! This can either be a very joyful or stressful time of the year, depending on who you’re talking to. Regardless of who you are and your feelings on the holiday season, there’s no denying that dressing up can help you feel festive.

We want you to enjoy the holiday season while dressed in a style you can feel good about wearing and makes you look great too! Without further ado, here are some Christmas wrap dress ideas for this year’s holiday season. Feel free to try these out for your upcoming holiday festivities.

Deciding on a style

Our convertible wrap dresses, or infinity wrap dresses as they’re sometimes called, can be styled in so many different ways. Sometimes, it’s tough to pick just one style! Given the season and temperature outside, however, we have some good ideas to share.

  • The halter style with tube top is one of our most classic styles, which can be adjusted to create sleeves for when it’s chilly. This is one of the warmer options for our dresses (aside from putting on a sweater).
  • Sleeves are a must since it’s cold this time of year (especially if you live in the Vancouver BC area, like we do!). The sleeves on your convertible dress can be criss-crossed on the back or made straight so that you can extend or shorten the sleeves to your liking.
  • An alternate look is to go with the beachwrap (if you’re going on a tropical vacation for the holidays, this is a great look!). Once you’ve tied your wrap dress by crossing in front once and tying behind the neck, you can open the straps to cover each shoulder for the sleeves. Remember to knot or double twist the strap before crossing in front of your neck.
  • A bow in the back of your halter style wrap dress can create a festive look!

Sleeves are always in style when it comes to Christmas. How long you want the sleeves will depend on your own preference entirely. However, if you’re looking to seem extra festive, here are a few ideas:

  • Reversed sweetheart, despite the name, is not limited to Valentine’s Day (which was mentioned in our previous blog on the subject!). This style can give you a soft, sweet sleeved look without exposing your bra straps.
  • Strapless with sleeves can be achieved by tying the dress as you normally would for strapless, but then opening the sleeves on the front before criss-crossing to the back.

If you’re still really confused, try watching our videos in How to Wear on our website.

Deciding on colours

These are the most popular colours when it comes to this time of the year: red, green, blue, silver, gold, and white.

  • The darker the blue, the better. Deep midnight blues, aquamarine and cerulean shades of blue are especially considered Christmassy this year. Lighter blues as a base can be accessorized with dark blue and silver as well. For your consideration, try our Cloud blue knee-length dress and pair it off with festive colours!
  • Our High Fashion dress is on sale and it consists of a similar shade to that shade of green we’re all familiar with!
  • If printed infinity dresses aren’t your cup of tea, there are lots and lots of solid coloured options instead such as the Poppy red knee-length dress.
  • Feel free to create your own Christmas tradition! A black dress can be paired off with colourful accessories. Brown can be paired off with wintergreen and cream. Red and green or red and white are both classic colour combos as well. Gold and silver can add some glimmer and glamour to your look. Even shimmer purple could become your special colour tradition for the holidays!

How long of a dress is needed?

It depends entirely on you and how you’re celebrating the season! However, some occasions call for more specific dress lengths:

  • For office Christmas parties, mini or knee-length are best depending on how warm the room is and whether you prefer to wear pants or dresses at work. Both styles can make you look festive while maintaining a sense of professionalism.
  • Floor-length dresses can add a sense of glamour to your evening, whether it’s to impress at a festive first date or when you’re going out to a gala party with your husband.
  • Going on vacation this Christmas? Traveling to see family this year? Planning on wandering around looking at Christmas lights? Knee-length is the most versatile choice for these reasons and more! It’ll help you look semi-casual when you’re traveling from the airport to your destination, and depending on how cold or warm your vacation’s destination is, you can adjust your dress’s style from knee-length to short accordingly. You can also get away with wearing leggings under your dress also if it’s really cold outside.

Some extra sparkle

A brooch can give an extra silvery sparkle to your look! You can adjust this brooch with the straps to accommodate your preferred strap style.

Gold and silver are popular colours in metals for this time of the year. Pair gold with red and green and silver with blue, green, purple, and white.

Love U offers a very sparkly brooch with bridesmaid dresses. These are great if you’re heading out towards a winter or Christmas wedding! (Talk to Emily first about this offer.)

Get the gift of Love U Designs!

We have a lot of convertible dress options to share with you this holiday season! What’s great about our dresses is that once the holidays are over and it’s January, you can still dress up in style however you see fit. Simply switch out your Christmas accessories for more seasonal ones like a warm hat or scarf with a winter coat and boots, and you’re good to go!

Perhaps one or more of these colour options can help you feel a little more festive:

  • White – available in plus size, queen size, and regular 0-16 sizes at all three lengths available (mini, knee, floor).
  • Poppy red – available only in regular size at a knee’s length.
  • Mint green – only available in regular size and knee length.
  • Blush pink – only available in a floor-length regular size.

Ready to share your holiday spirit? Shop online for that perfect wrap dress! You can also contact Emily if you have any questions at all about our products. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Love U Designs and a clickable link back to this page.

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