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Bridesmaid Tips for Tropical Weddings | Love U Designs

Bridesmaid Tips for Tropical Weddings

Are you getting married somewhere that’s hot and tropical this year? There are some destinations that brides love the idea of getting married at. There’s Hawaii, the Bahamas, Cancun, Mexico, Jamaica—all of these and more make for beautiful destination wedding locations!

If you’re a bridesmaid who’s about to attend a tropical wedding, naturally you’ll want to be prepared as best as you can for the big day. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of this amazing kind of event.

Pack light

Depending on how long you are going for, you may have to pack light while also taking note of the necessities you need. Given how strict airports in Canada now are regarding luggage and how outrageously expensive fees are for extra baggage, you’ll want to pack only what you need for the wedding. Remember, going to this destination is not about you going on a vacation—you’re going for the bride and groom’s sakes, and you may be on call to help out with the wedding in some way or another. If you need help, here are some extra packing tips for bridesmaids heading to destination weddings.

Make sure you’re healthy

Every destination outside of Canada will require you to get vaccinations before you travel. For example, it’s recommended before you go to Mexico to receive both hepatitis A and B protection as well as tetanus and diphtheria vaccination. Several other countries have their own specific rules regarding medicine and protection from diseases, such as malaria.

Before you even go near the airport, make sure you’re healthy and protected from harmful viruses and bacteria. Talk to your doctor before making any travel plans and you can both come up with a strategy to get the protection you need. Your health comes first before anything else, even a wedding.

Wear sunscreen!!

We can’t stress this tip enough!! Sunscreen may feel icky when you apply it to your skin, but it will ensure you don’t get burned from the sun’s rays. Find a sunscreen that won’t ruin your makeup and make sure you and the rest of the bridal party are well protected. Most tropical weddings take place in the shade, but this is not always the case.

Pro tip: grab some extra water bottles the day of the wedding too. Dehydration and heatstroke are never something you and everyone at the wedding will want to see happen.

Invest in waterproof makeup

Sea water can do some pretty bad damage to your makeup! Not to mention the salt of tears if you get emotional (which is totally fine!). Waterproof makeup is usually available if you look hard enough. Pack this kind of makeup in a special container or bag so you don’t mix it up with the regular kind. If you can find it or afford it, invest in lipstick or lip gloss that contains UV protection from the harsh sunlight (because yes, your mouth can burn too if you’re not careful).

Get a bridesmaid dress you can carry without wrinkling

Love U’s bridesmaid dresses are both convertible and wrinkle-free! All you have to do when you unpack it, then put it on. That’s it! It’s also great for packing since it comes with its own mesh bag for laundry and travel, and you don’t have to carry it on a clothes hanger either. Just roll it up tight, wrap it in the mesh bag, and there you go! You can style it accordingly once the wedding day arrives (we recommend the beach wrap style, which you can check out in our video instructions).

Remember, the tropical wedding you’re heading to is all about celebrating the bride and groom—so go throw on that sunscreen and enjoy your time at the afterparty. Your preparation will pay off!

Looking for that perfect bridesmaid dress? Our online shop has some beautiful options! Emily can also provide you with other great services for bridesmaids, especially if you need any help with deciding on colours. Let her know in advance if you need anything by sending her a message!

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